About Us

At the bottom of Platopus Retail lies a deep belief in the power of sophisticated yet simple software solutions that can make a real difference to the day-to-day running of a single shop or restaurant as well as the long-term performance of a whole business. Too much time and human talent is wasted as a result of not-quite-fit-for-purpose solutions that require more maintenance than the actual running of the shop. Software is empowering when it lets you get on with the things that matter.

Platopus Retail is the result of over 15 years worth of experience in developing productivity software for the retail sector. A time that has allowed us to gain a deep understanding of what really matters to multi-location retailers and those are exactly the things we have put into Platopus Retail. Think of it as a force that can pull together your people, products and assets across all your locations to drive your business to better results.

We always keep an eye on the longer term - simplicity, accuracy, and distribution of information encourage businesses to flourish. We have seen it happen.