• Make better decisions (CEOs/CFOs/Head Chefs)

Platopus Retail lets you see the bigger picture

Or delve deeper

One-stop shop for all business info

Reliable feedback


  • Be ready for growth - Platopus Retail gives you the perfect blueprint for expansion (CEOs/CFOs/Ops)

Franchising tool

Shop-opening tool

Folder and file structure recreated automatically

Already used by big guys


  • Make consistency the basis of your success and strengthen your brand (CEOs/Ops)

With a single source of information, everybody is on the same page

Share information and collect feedback, build a reliable system for improvement

Encourage the spread of best practice

Give location managers the tools they need to run their shop 


  • Bring your operation closer together by improving communication (Ops/CEOs/CFOs)

Up-to-date information is easily shared within seconds

Everybody knows what to do and when with task lists

Everybody knows who works where and what they do

Bridge the gap between Ops and IT


  • Save time and resources (Ops/CFOs)

No printing

Less admin

Less time spent on maintaining in-house systems

People have more time to do their jobs, and do them well


  • Get iPads, replace your old solutions and improve data security (CEOs/Ops/IT)

Rolling out iPads with Platopus Retail - we can procure, configure and deliver the hardware

Take iPads out of the box and they’re ready to use, Apple's Deployment Programmes and MDM make it possible

Stop relying on dropbox or obscure email attachments and people being able to find the right file in their cluttered inbox

With imported HR data, you are in control of who sees what and as soon as an employee leaves, their access is removed