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LEON – Recipe and Knowledge Distribution


Leon is an award winning restaurant chain known for its seasonal food sourced from trusted local suppliers. Since opening the first Leon in 2004, the fast food visionaries have opened another 30 restaurants; their principle of natural food full of flavour has fallen on fertile ground as diners are keen to make healthier choices.


In addition to seasonal menu changes, Leon offer changing menus throughout the day from breakfast through to dinner. Using laminated sheets for all these recipes and kitchen manuals meant that at any given time, every restaurant had hundreds of sheets to keep on top of. The distribution of these had become very time and resource consuming and the constant cycle of throwing away and replacing recipe cards was inefficient and wasteful.




Leon Restaurants needed an efficient way to distribute recipe information and how-to guides to all their restaurants


Leon needed an efficient way to regularly create and communicate seasonally changing recipe information and preparation guides for all their restaurant kitchens. The solution needed to be very practical and easy to operate in a busy kitchen environment to ensure the correct nutritional content and preparation methods for all their dishes.




Using Platopus Retail, Leon moved their entire printed document set onto iOS and deployed iPads across the estate


With Platopus Retail, Leon were able to quickly implement a recipe distribution system. The combination of iOS app and web application means that all of Leon’s restaurant kitchens have access to all the information they need using iPads while recipes can be updated by the central support office and distributed instantly and safely through the cloud. This means that recipes are always up to date in every restaurant.


“One of my jobs at Leon is to provide all of these kitchen manuals and recipes to the restaurants. This process used to involve sending everything to our printers over a week before menu launch and then courier these out to restaurants. I can now upload everything to the Platopus Retail platform and it’s in every restaurant instantly, saving me a lot of time which I can now spend on planning and other aspects of my job.”

Tom Davies, Food Product Development Manager





Increased central control, kitchen productivity and scope for development. Easier to update and more cost-efficient to manage.


• Greater kitchen productivity – chefs have quick and easy access to a selected recipe. The intuitive system means a recipe can be found in just two or three taps and swipes, showing step by step preparation instructions and supporting photos. Instant availability of updates means that staff are always working from current recipes.


• Greater management productivity and cost savings – by eliminating printing and distribution costs and the reducing the time spent on the management of the distribution process. Platopus Retail is based in the cloud so there was no need for a big IT infrastructure implementation process.


• Smaller worktop footprint – replacing the high number of recipe cards with a single iPad has improved kitchen environments. The iPad is more hygienic as it is easily wiped clean, the purpose-made cases are water, heat and shock proof.


• Facilitate constant improvement and development – whether it’s a big change, a new dish or just a little tweak, development has become easier, customer feedback can be taken into consideration and acted upon if necessary. Nutritional and allergen information is easily accessible to answer any customer queries.



Café Rouge – Food Reviews


Since opening the first Café Rouge in 1989, the French-styled restaurant chain has firmly established itself as an integral part of Britain’s casual dining sector. Café Rouge offers traditional food and wine in a Parisian bistro style setting; a concept that has been tremendously popular, not least because of Rouge’s persistent emphasis on food quality. With a consistent level of excellence as the basis for success, Café Rouge decided to team up with Platopus Retail to guarantee the sustained achievement of their standards.




Café Rouge needed a reliable method for monitoring consistency in how dishes are served across the estate


Café Rouge needed a practical and reliable solution for monitoring and improving consistency in the dishes they serve. With over 100 restaurants across the UK, ensuring every dish is up to spec is crucial to customer satisfaction and successful operations. However, tweaking recipes for a large operation like Café Rouge requires solid information upon which decisions can be made and collecting that kind of information proved difficult.




The Food Review function allows members of Café Rouge Management to submit feedback to Platopus Retail as they visit different restaurants


Through Platopus Retail, everybody at Café Rouge has access to specification sheets and photos so they know exactly what every dish should look and taste like. Platopus Retail allows some users to compare and rate dishes against these specifications, which helps build a solid source of information as especially members of the Operations Team regularly visit and eat at different restaurants. To submit a Food Review, users give up to five stars on adherence to spec, temperature of dish, speed of service, and their overall opinion on the dish. A photo can be taken and uploaded in the app. This way, app users help the food team make better informed decisions as they are able to collect feedback not only straight from the source but also from all over the country.




Improved consistency across the business, improved reliability of feedback means more confident product decisions


• Real-time information - Platopus Retail helps to form a continual feedback loop – the food team get to see hundreds of real images of their creations as they are served in restaurants and can make a confident assessment of how both their recipes and the restaurants are doing. By flagging issues as soon as they occur, Food Reviews help the team take quick action to improve anything that isn’t up to spec. If required, specification sheets and images can then be changed and distributed to all kitchens in a matter of seconds.


• Analytics - The Platopus Retail Dashboard concisely displays Food Reviews sorted by management area, geographical region or product. This makes it easy to get to the root of any problem as consistency can be monitored in terms of different criteria. If, for example, a particular dish is generally not performing very well there may be an issue with the recipe. If the issues only occur in a particular place, the problem probably lies elsewhere.


• Development - Whenever Café Rouge adds a new item to their menu, the food team is able to assess the feedback almost instantly. By using Platopus Retail, Café Rouge can react more quickly and review new products more efficiently and confidently than their competitors. The combination of Food Reviews and electronic specification sheet distribution is a winning formula for making crucial decisions where quality of product and, by extension, customer satisfaction are concerned.




‘Before we started using Food Reviews, feedback on the quality of a new dish was somewhat unreliable – it was really hard to react to confidently. Now, a few weeks after a dish is launched I can see dozens of pictures and know how it is served in the restaurants. I also get a really handy overview of how well each area is doing, it’s brilliant!’


‘Before we used Food Reviews, feedback on the quality of a new dish was subjective and difficult to react to confidently. Now, a few weeks after a new dish is launched, I can see dozens of images of that dish as it was served in Restaurants and get a killer overview of how well each area is preparing that dish – brilliant!’


‘Introducing Food Reviews has made such a difference in how we collect feedback on our dishes. Before, it was really hard to make confident decisions but now we very quickly get an idea of how each dish is doing and can look into any problems as soon as they arise. I love the fact that I can filter results by area!’


‘Before we started using Food Reviews, the process for the collection of feedback relied on infrequent, almost exclusively word-of-mouth type reviews. With the systematic approach of Platopus Retail, information has become more reliable and much easier to react to confidently!’


‘Since we started using Food Reviews, we have been able to make much more confident decisions regarding our products – from its initial creation to its performance in the market, we’ve been able to look at each dish as a whole. The fact that I can check how well each area or restaurant is doing is a brilliant feature, it has honestly made my life so much easier.’






File Storage and Distribution – Bill’s Restaurants


The Bill’s story started with a little greengrocery shop in Lewes, East Sussex. Despite, or maybe because of, a dramatic weather-related setback, the business developed in a different direction and has since grown to a phenomenal 70 Restaurants all across the country. With an emphasis on great food served in a welcoming atmosphere, Bill’s has established itself as a successful player in the UK’s casual dining sector and a fixture on Britain’s high streets.


Given the growing number of Restaurants and their extensive food and drink offer, Bill’s needed an efficient way of managing files. In order to keep everything running smoothly and facilitate further growth, essential documents have to be readily available to those who need them. This means they have to be sensibly organised, easily found, and up to date. Platopus Retail offered the solution.




Bill’s needed a fit-for-purpose file storage solution that would cover the whole business with minimum administrative effort


Bill’s were looking for a simple way to store and distribute the files, documents and pictures that are vital to the running of each of their Restaurants. They had tried off-the-shelf cloud storage solutions and found them not quite fit for purpose. These solutions proved to be frustrating to maintain, difficult to control access to and worrying in terms of security. Circulating business essential files by email often led to confusion and outdated information continued to be spread across the business. Files and documents were difficult to find and never in the hands of the person who needed them.




Platopus Retail’s inherent structure allows Bill’s to store files in a systematic way that makes sense for the business


Platopus Retail’s files functionality allowed Bill’s to structure their files in a way that makes sense. It sounds simple, because it is. Folders can be created directly in the app and files relating to particular restaurants are stored exactly where you would expect to find them, as are product and people related files. This structure is easily maintained and every time a new restaurant opens, the correct folders are created automatically. It organises important information to reflect the structure of the business and workflow. Security concerns are covered as Platopus Retail is accessible only to those members of staff who need to have this information at hand – and access is removed as soon as an employee leaves.




File storage is much easier to manage, updates are instant and uniform, security has improved


Efficiency: By using the files functionality in Platopus Retail, Bill’s were able to turn away from generic file storage solutions towards something more tailored to their needs, which has saved on time and administrative effort.


Improved structure: Maintaining a perfect, clutter-free file structure has become easy – automatic de-duplication means that identical files which exist in different folders can be updated at the same time, while a complete file history is kept to make sure that previous versions are not lost.


Improved security: Access to the Platopus Retail system is based on up to date HR data in conjunction with existing company email accounts. Permissions and restrictions within the system are based on job title and are adjusted automatically as soon as changes occur. When an employee leaves, their access to Platopus Retail is immediately withdrawn.


All members of the Bill’s team who have access to Platopus Retail can instantly look at any files that are made available to them, be it health and safety instructions, licensing information, financial reports or floor plans.




‘Since we started storing our files in Platopus, it has become so much easier to find the document I need when I need it. The problem of Managers being unable to find essential information about their Restaurant has gone away because all the right files are right there, literally in their pockets!’


‘Storing our files in Platopus Retail has made a huge difference on all levels of the business but what is particularly positive is that the problem of Managers not being able to find essential info about their Restaurant has disappeared because it has been so much easier to find the right document whenever it is needed.’


‘Storing our files in Platopus Retail has made a huge difference on all levels of the business. Any confusion about how current and accurate certain pieces of information are has gone and we can all find the documents we need when we need them. Restaurant Managers can always find what they need to run their outlet because it’s all right there, literally in their pockets!’


‘Since we started storing our files in Platopus, it has become so much easier to find the document I need when I need it. You can see the difference on all levels but it has really made life a lot easier for Restaurant Managers because they have all the information they need at hand, literally in their pockets!’


‘Since we started storing our files in Platopus, it has become so much easier to find the document I need when I need it. File storage was a pain to manage and even with all the time spent on maintenance, the results weren’t great. The confusion has now gone and whatever document you’re looking for, you know where to find it and that it’s up to date.’