Device Management

With a mobile device management (MDM) solution such as, for example, Cisco Meraki Systems Manager, devices are centrally monitored and controlled. Different profiles can be set up so that everybody has access to exactly the apps and functions they need. Content and settings are then distributed wirelessly and quickly, even on a large scale.

When using Apple's suite of Deployment Programmes, the Volume Purchase Programme (VPP) and Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) in conjunction with an MDM solution, setting up content and configurations for a large number of devices is easy. The DEP facilitates streamlined deployment by simplifying the initial setup. It allows administrators to assign devices through MDM so that configurations, restrictions and controls are automatically installed as soon as a device is switched on for the first time. With VPP, businesses can buy iOS apps in volume and distribute them to all managed devices. 

Platopus Retail has a built-in browser, which means that Safari can be removed as users still have access to URLs defined in Platopus Retail.