EAT ( have been creating, making and serving their own seasonal food for over 20 years.  They have over 100 shops across the UK.


EAT had an existing online delivery solution, but were finding maintaining the software demanding and a distraction from focusing on their core business.  They needed a technology partner that would provide a robust and flexible solution that could be adapted quickly to meet their business requirements, assist with as smooth a migration of their online customer data as possible and then assist with growing their online business.


DataTherapy customised and adapted their Platopus Delivery & Collection platform for EAT’s requirements and seamlessly migrated their existing customers across to the new system.

“We did not expect to find a platform which would cover all of the features of our previous in-house online ordering system, had I known how easy it was to migrate our business across we would have done it a long time ago.”

Ramesh Bukka, IT Director, EAT


  • Customised look and feel – to match EAT’s brand design and values online
  • Flexible solution – has been integrated with EAT’s existing infrastructure and processes
  • Seamless migration of customers – no downtime or loss of customer information to minimise any friction from transitioning
  • Platopus Delivery app for iOS is included as a standard part of the service at no additional cost - provides EAT management with an up to date dashboard showing key metrics at a glance for the online business including: Total orders served, placed and pending; new users registered; total value of orders serve
  • Freed from the burden of having to maintain their online delivery solution in-house, EAT can now focus on driving new business rather than on the technology.