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Trusted by hundreds of well-known shops and restaurants across the UK, Platopus Retail is a productivity tool designed specifically for multi-location retail operators. With the help of an iOS app and a companion web application, you can share business information instantly between your locations and the head office. It keeps all the facts and knowledge about your business in order so you and your team are free to focus on the important things.

Why Platopus Retail?

Platopus Retail is all about making life easier. It helps multi-location retail businesses improve productivity and consistency by providing a framework for distributing accurate and essential business information in a way that makes sense. This framework is based on a long history of developing productivity tools for the retail sector, which means that, unlike other cloud storage solutions, it is purpose-built with the needs of retail businesses in mind. And as our understanding grows, so does Platopus Retail. We keep on developing to make it as useful and effective as possible.

With Platopus Retail you can store, manage and share information instantly and securely between all locations and the head office. It can replace off-the-shelf file storage solutions and the chaos of the inbox, which means no more lost files, untraceable email attachments, outdated printouts and impenetrable spreadsheets.

Tap into the potential of iOS

Developed for iOS, Platopus Retail is your perfect partner for rolling out iPads and iPhones in stores. iOS devices can be used alongside existing systems and as most people are already familiar with them, require no major IT overhaul or staff training. They can nonetheless have a profound impact on the way you work. Secure, easy to manage and control via Mobile Device Management, simple to set up and scale out thanks to Apple's Deployment Programmes - Platopus and iOS is a winning combination. 

Enable growth

Platopus Retail is a powerful instrument for all growing businesses. Because it is a central point of reference for everyone in the operation, it can serve as facilitator to expansion and franchise. From adding a new dish to the menu to opening a new store, by promoting operational best practice, Platopus Retail allows your business to grow and take on new challenges with the confidence that important knowledge is stored securely and shared instantly. 

Secure your business information

Platopus Retail uses industry standard SSL encryption (the same technology used by banking websites) to ensure that all information is distributed securely. By leveraging links to your HR system, access to Platopus is removed as soon as employees leave and every access to Platopus is logged. Read more about Security


Files and Data Management

Platopus Retail gives you structure. It can help you bring order to data and file management without the need to implement a complete overhaul of your existing systems. In many ways it uses the natural structure of your business to organise your data - it just does it more efficiently. 

‘Since we started storing our files in Platopus, it has become so much easier to find the document I need when I need it. You can see the difference on all levels but it has really made life a lot easier for Restaurant Managers because they have all the information they need at hand, literally in their pockets!’

- Someone from Bill's, read more about this

By attaching files to people, locations and products, you can always find the right information where you would expect to find it. Maintaining this structure is made easy and Platopus Retail encourages clutter-free file storage. It is, however, more than just a file sharing app; it is a system for managing the people, products, assets and locations of your whole business in one place.

Bookmarks and Documents



Bookmarks are a powerful tool for sharing knowledge and information across your business. You can make available all the commonly used websites and resources that are the basis for the smooth running of your organisation, be it stock orders or company email, training videos or your table booking system. In combination with an MDM solution, you are in full control of the content that is accessible on iOS devices. Platopus Retail helps you save time and resources by eliminating the need to print materials and reducing the administrative burden of maintaining in-house information systems. By providing a single curated store for all your business-critical information it frees you and your team to focus on the important things.






Every bit of information about each of your locations is stored securely in one place. View them on a map or in a list, sorted by area manager or region. Find out general information such as address, phone numbers and opening hours or view location-specific files such as floor plans and licensing documents. Get to know the people who work there and check on kitchen performance by looking at food reviews, see if tasks have been completed and all assets are in good nick. New locations can be added as the business grows and those who work there instantly have access to the information they need to run the place according to best practice.






Platopus Retail helps you distribute product information to your whole team. Sharing product specifications, how-to-guides, preparation details, photos and videos through the app means no more printed lists or laminated cards.

One of my jobs at LEON is to provide all of these kitchen manuals and recipes to the restaurants. This process used to involve sending everything to our printers over a week before menu launch and then courier these out to restaurants. I can now upload everything to the Platopus Retail platform and it's in every restaurant instantly, saving me a lot of time which I can now spend on planning and other aspects of my job.'

- Tom Davies, Food Product Development Manager at LEON


We know it's crucial that your staff are up to date with the latest product information so Platopus Retail makes sure everybody is on the same page at all times, encouraging the consistency your customers and shareholders expect. 


Food Reviews


The Food Review function offers you an overview of how your different restaurants are doing. Concise reporting allows scores to be viewed by geographical or managerial area or by product - helping to pinpoint the source of any issue that may occur and allowing you to take quick action to improve anything that might not be up to spec.

'Before we started using Food Reviews, feedback on the quality of a new dish was pretty unreliable - it was really hard to react to confidently. Now, a few weeks after a dish is launched I can see dozens of pictures and know how it is served in the restaurants. I also get a really handy overview of how well each area is doing, it's brilliant! 

- Someone at Cafe Rouge. Read about how Food Reviews have helped Café Rouge improve consistency.




With imported HR data it is easy to find everyone who works for you, what they do and even how long they have done it for. Platopus Retail is always up to date with latest staff developments and differentiates users based on their job title - it knows exactly who can see what. The system lets you set up different profiles for different groups so that, for example, your operations managers will be able to access different functions to your location managers.

Location Managers are empowered and their skills are put to better use because they have the reassurance that everything they need to successfully run their outlet is in their pocket. Time that is often wasted in back offices on administrative tasks can be spent on the shop floor, looking after team and customers. 

Your Operations Managers can see a list of their stores or restaurants and all the information they need about each place – from contact details to food reviews, from the serial number of the till terminal to the name of the barista. They can assign task lists to different restaurant or shop managers, to be performed every day or on an ad-hoc basis, making sure they know what needs to be done and when. They can submit Food Reviews every time they eat at one of your restaurants, contributing actively to the improvement of products and customer service. Directors can walk into any one of their outlets and know exactly who they are going to meet. The app tells them who the manager and staff are before they arrive, including how long they have worked there.


You can save files to individuals' names and save contacts to Favourites.

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