Upload an updated product specification and it is immediately available to your entire team.  As new locations are opened they are visible on location maps in real-time. Platopus Retail has been successfully integrated with human resource management systems so that staff changes are tracked as soon as they occur.


Share the information needed by shop managers, operations staff and management to encourage the spread of best practice. Whether it is staff training, how-to-guides, regulatory updates or nutritional information, Platopus Retail ensures everybody in your organisation knows what to do no matter where they are.


Platopus Retail helps you save time and resources by eliminating the need to print materials and reducing the administrative burden of tasks such as the maintenance of in-house information systems, chasing up actions and having unnecessary meetings. By providing a single curated store for all your business critical information it frees you and your team to focus on the important things.


Platopus Retail uses industry standard SSL encryption (the same technology used by banking websites) to ensure that all the information is distributed securely. By leveraging links to your HR system, access to data is granted based on a user's job title and who can see which pieces of information is entirely up to you. Unlike other sharing methods, access to Platopus is removed as soon as employees leave and every access to Platopus is logged. Read more about the security features of Platopus Retail ...