Your Retail Business ... in your pocket

Simple to deploy and used by leading retail businesses in the UK, Platopus Retail securely shares key information such as web links, pictures and PDFs with everyone in your organisation.

Platopus Retail uses the natural structure of your business; locations, products and people to organise your data.

Whatever your role

Platopus Retail understands the different roles within retail businesses, whether you are managing a location, in the operations teams or managing at head office, Platopus Retail will help you are your team become more efficient.

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Easy to deploy

Platopus Retail leverages the skills your team already has and

"It was just like installing an app" 

Be all you can be!


Platopus Retail is a tool for multi-outlet retailers.



Built for Retail


Platopus Retail is a fresh, productive and highly mobile way of putting information in the hands of your entire retail team.

Using Platopus Retail you can quickly communicate critical business information such a documents, product information, how-to cards and web links and be sure that everyone has up-to-date information.

Bookmarks and Documents

Platopus Retail ensures your whole team have an up-to-date list of key documents and website links. No more having to remember complicated website links or remember where you stored them.


At last, the definitive list of your locations, bang up-to-date and complete with documents, photos and location information.


Distribute product information to your whole team. Specifications, how-to-guides, preparation details and photos. No more printed lists of laminated cards. Update the whole business with a click of a mouse and be sure the most up-to-date documents are in everyone's hands.

Platopus Retail allows quick and simple sharing of documents throughout your business

Platopus Retail allows quick and simple sharing of documents throughout your business