Whatever your role...

Location Managers

All members of your team have instant access to any files you want to make available to them, be it health and safety instructions, recipes and nutritional information, or how to pour the perfect cappuccino.

Location Managers are better able to run their outlets with confidence as all the facts and information they need are right there, in their pockets. Platopus Retail enables them to spend their time on the things that matter and put their skills to use - looking after their team and customers rather than wasting time on admin in a back office.

With all the facts and information at


Time that is often wasted in back offices on administrative tasks can be spent on the shop floor, looking after team and customers. 

Operations Managers

Your Operations Managers can see a list of their stores or restaurants and all the information they need about each place – from contact details to food reviews, from the serial number of the till terminal to the name of the barista. 

They can assign task lists to different restaurant or shop managers, to be performed every day or on an ad-hoc basis, making sure everybody knows what needs to be done and when. 

They can submit Food Reviews every time they eat at one of your restaurants, contributing actively to the improvement of products and customer service. 


Financial planning and risk management - 

Reporting - 

Food/Product Development/Head Chefs


Business Development



CEOs and Directors

Directors and Ops Managers can visit any store or restaurant and submit a product review directly to Platopus Retail. The app tells them who the manager and staff are before they arrive, including how long they have worked there.

With an app that can instantly give you information on how old a till terminal is as well as tell you