What we do to safeguard your data

We take the security of our systems and your data very seriously. Virtually all of our customers store some form of confidential data on our systems and keeping that information safe is paramount to us. To keep data safe yet accessible to approved personnel, we employ a multi-faceted approach to data security.


Platopus Retail Systems are hosted in a physically secure Tier 1 Data Facility in London. It provides industry standard access control, power redundancy, cooling and high grade internet bandwidth to ensure that your service is maintained to the highest level. Only authorised staff have physical access to the servers and access is monitored 24/7. Your Platopus Retail System uses a heavily optimised Ubuntu Linux platform as a server base. Only the services necessary to power the system are loaded and minimal ports are opened to external traffic. The server is situated on a secure hosting LAN which is only accessible by authorised Platopus Retail staff. Regular backups of the server and data are taken and redundant hardware and storage are used throughout. We monitor our servers externally from multiple locations to ensure constant availability. On our multiple location plans, each customer has their own server.


Your Platopus Retail system is hosted behind an Enterprise Firewall which protects the system from external attacks. Only the TCP/IP ports necessary to access the system are open to the public and all other ports are closed. The firewall logs traffic and is regularly maintained and filtering profiles are kept up to date.


All communication between clients and the Platopus Retail Server uses industry standard SSL encryption. This includes clients accessing the system using a web browser as well as the Platopus Retail App. SSL encryption ensures that no data or login details can be intercepted as nothing travels across the Internet in clear text.

User Credentials

Platopus Retail is designed to use your existing services such as company email for password authentication. In the majority of installations no client passwords are stored on our servers and authentication is passed through to your server. If you remove a user from your authentication system, that user will lose access to Platopus Retail immediately. Where clients choose to store passwords in Platopus Retail, they are securely hashed and, if forgotten, can only be reset not recovered. 

App Security

The Platopus Retail App uses SSL encryption for all communication with the server. User credentials are stored in the app in encrypted form and used to grant access when the app is launched or a session times out. If a user is removed or their password changed, the app will sign out on the next authentication attempt. A passcode lock may be specified for an additional layer of security and will protect the app from casual access.

Mutual Non-disclosure Agreement

What you can do

Maintaining the security of your data is a joint effort. We do everything on our side to ensure maximum security, however, it is our clients' responsibility to consider carefully what they share through the platform and with whom. We provide a secure framework for data systems and the customer forms a critical part of this.

You control who is allowed to access your Platopus Retail System and what they are allowed to see. Access control can be defined by role, job title or specifically on a per-user basis. To help you stay in control, sign-ins to the system are logged and you can see exactly when users have accessed Platopus Retail and which device they used.