Organise your Food to Go business with Platopus Retail

Trusted by hundreds of shops and restaurants across the UK, 

Platopus Retail is a Retail Management System that combines data collaboration, product, document and image management together with other really useful retail business tools, and places them into a simple-to-use app and web portal which you can give to everyone in your business.

Your products and locations are your most value assets and we take good care of them. 

Platopus cloud file storage

Food & Shop Assessments

Location / Shop / Restaurant Details

Recipe Cards & Product Specs

Staff Training Documents

Publish to your website

Nutritional & Allergy Info

Integrated with Platopus Delivery

Product Image Manager

People and OP's Team Information


Trusted By

Platopus Retail is trusted by some of the the UK's leading retailers

Imagine an app built especially for your hospitality business.

Imagine your ops team, managers, kitchens and management all having access to the information and functions your business needs to run like clockwork.

Platopus Retail places 20 years of retail software knowledge within one simple to use app and web portal.

Simple to Deploy

We know that rolling out IT solutions to your multi-outlet businesses can be difficult. We have done our best to make Platopus Retail as simple and as helpful as possible.

Platopus Retail leverages the understanding your employees already have about using apps and web portals and requires a minimal training effort.

Access Anywhere

Platopus Retail is designed to work where you need it most and has a dedicated App as well as a fully functional web portal which can be used on desktops, laptops or any standard tablet browser.


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